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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003



ABOVE: Here is a quick video of a wearable mobile video prop I made from screen scraps, baling wire, electrical tape, a micro projector and a microcamera. I made this prop to test the viability of a more fleshed out method of fabricating a lighter weight version of my "Invisible Series" that is meant to function in a more mobile-esque manner. Thanks to James Clotfelter on the fabrication assist and Ravish Momin drum sounds.

BELOW: detail of headmount and microcamera

bill shannon whatiswhat.com artist

bill shannon whatiswhat.com artist

ABOVE: more fabrication details, lots of black gaff to hide any reflections

bill shannon whatiswhat.com artist

ABOVE: Video Still


bill shannon whatiswhat.com artist


Popped on the headphones for some Stepping Roll in the post-rain slickeryness while waiting for The Bus today. A very flowshow lyrical tangent. love those wet 540 power slides and gaping 180's from fakie down the hill ( yes FAKIE )


ABOVE: I like to drink my tea in a taller glass rather than the traditional tea cup. The glass has no handle yet is very hot. With the insulation quality of the tetrapak I can protect my fingers and retain heat in the glass. Especially good for winter teas and coffees.

The video is pretty self evident but there are some details that are important. Maybe the next time I will narrate but for now I will just write. The video starts with a shot of the tetrapaks soaking in grey water. In this case the water is rain water collected over

Remixing Sculptural Elements in Micro Installations

BILL SHANNON, WHATISWHAT, recycle, reuse, environmental art

ABOVE: temporary arrangement of found objects and fabricated elements untitled

I have fabricated several small metal characters in light metals like brass, silver and thin sheet steel over the years. I have taken these small creations and built or arranged little worlds that the characters I fabricated then exist in. I change these micro-installations...

Unique Security Requirements

bill shannon, whatiswhat, disability politics

ABOVE: BLOWFISH STRATEGY. In my world of phenomenology and identification of sociological dynamics in public space the development of performed "strategies" as tools to unlock disable or otherwise transform the implications on my life of a given phenomena are important. The BLOWFISH STRATEGY is part of my engagement with the almost constant phenomena of AMBIGUITY OF DISABILITY. In other words...

2001: thisiswhatiswhat

bill shannon, whatiswhat, thisiswhatiswhat,


bill shannon, whatiswhat, thisiswhatiswhat,



Tetrapak Creations 1.1 : Acquisition Processing and Storage

In my haste to post up the step by step of breaking down a tetrapak I skipped over the various phases I have ongoing with my tetrapaks. The easiest way is to process them as they come. Taking on a bulk load or waiting till you have a bulk load is more daunting and might cause your tetrapak dedication to waver. Many restaurants throw these away ten or twenty a day. If your partner is a foodie like mine then there will be no shortage of these amazing little boxes.

BILL SHANNON, WHATISWHAT, recycle, reuse, environmental art

ABOVE: three of the most common sizes I encounter. Note that the larger tetrapak on the left was processed later in my tetrapak journey as the edges are clean. The tetrapaks to the right were processed early on and reflect a certain ignorance as to the importance of clean edges.

Processing tetrapaks is not fun but the end result is well worth it. after the jump I show the various states of tetrapaks in my possession

Tetrapak Creations Step 1: The Breakdown

I open and flatten the tetrapaks like this to try and retain clean edges. I try and use grey water to rinse them out first. This slower flattening process serves me well when I use the tetrapaks in my work later on down the line.  This 18 image sequential is step one of what I plan to be a six step process to a finished product.

Good Morning, I Love You

bill shannon, william shannon, whatiswhat, art, photography, video installation

ABOVE: pillow with arrow indication of where my dreams may have taken place

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