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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

behind the world famous dance on crutches is a guy surrendering to HELP for other health issues ( we all have them )

ive done more writing on this than i can publish yet.. still cutting away at it. suffice it to say my work is not always uplifiting nor is it always celebratory or funky, sometimes, as in the case of this piece the work is meditiative and almost still. but no matter what the work is i promise you, dear audience, it is always coming from a real place and is an authentic document .

ABOVE: the ringing of the bell  ( composited stills )

See video

ABOVE: "Invisible Series #4"  9' x 10' x 10'  7 channels sd video synchronous projections, color / stereo

ABOVE: lighting with whatever i can no budget style

ABOVE: final cut studio screen grab of compositing and synching process during editing of 8 camera shoot

ABOVE: costume detail of the shoes. toe shells for construction workers over shoe wraps for lower leg casts

ABOVE: still of final sculpture

ABOVE: in the studio