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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003


ABOVE: technical assistant and all around great guy Will locking down some rigging and looking as if he is immersed in the work..

well i thought i would do better buti have not posted in ages. been working on a new video sculpture. this work can be used in both live and prerecorded ways. this version is a gallery project so the work will be recorded and compressed for motion triggered looping playback..holoscreens, micro-projectors, lighting, spatial balancing, performance, compression.. etc etc etc.. click through for pics and a blink of a video test. back soon with more writings and work.

ABOVE:  figure abstract, lighting and compositing the work in progress..thanks to Zolton for being a willing lighting test subject

See video

ABOVE: clowning around for the lighting test.. notice my toes are not lit yet..

ABOVE: working on the image composite scaling by juggling the four variables, body position, projector angle and cone shape, camera angles and zoom and holo-screen postions.. trust me the logistics are maddeningly complicated when looking at it all in reverse from the rear of the screens.