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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

Video Installation: New Content and New Application for existing media and assembly process .

Capture Rig for New Video Installation Series 2010 - keep dancing -

ABOVE: Artist and Dancer, "Cricket" performing in front of the capture rig at Dance New Amsterdam for a new untitled video installation work in progress

I am currently editing an 8 channel shot of a live dance performance by the world famous and very talented dancer and artist , "Cricket" to include as part of pre-recorded content for an upcoming exhibit of a new video installation. This new work in progress will be a sculptural video installation that continues applying the construction, materials and medias as firstseen in the past piece  "Work".  This as of yet new and untitled work breaks significantly from the past works in terms of performance on video content and the addition of live switching of video seen on the sculptural installation from pre-recorded content to live content. The possibilities inherent in the interaction between the live artist and the pre-recorded content of the artist when the artist controls switching between the two is a giant step forward for my own interest in establishing new territory for my dance expression through video. On the content front the past content was decidedly sedentary and a literal recreation of physical space. This new version will be more dance and movement oriented and less literal in its recreation of the physical space the movement exists within. Due to the change in content and expanded application of this work, I am designating this new work as the start of a new series. I may return to the "Invisible Series" and "Work" content if I am taken there. I am currently researching 16 channel Input to switchable 8 channel output video switchers to meet the demands of the concept while staying on a very tight use-my-honorarium-to-make-the-work "budget."  I am also looking for ways to creatively light the live performance element going on behind the sculptural arrangement without washing out the video with too much light. This lighting of the live performer behind the live video layer will for the installation viewer composite the live video content over the live event in real time. Because the pre-recorded video content will be a metaphoric interpretation of the real space of the dancers body as opposed to a literal spatial recreation as in the past, there exists a new potential for aesthetic discoveries within the intersection of the living breathing dance and the video re-imagining of the dance movement as 8 distinct video channels arranged spatially.  Alternately, the pre-recorded content could be made live with the live dancers body. Because the screens show video while remaining transparent the two become one and that, for my intents and purposes is rich with potential. The possiblity of choreography for the live dance that intersects with the pre-recorded dance is the next level of attainment with this direction of my work as an interdisciplinary artist. If I manage to clear all the technical and financial hurdles to reaching the place of live switching with proper lighting then the live choreography designed around the pre-recorded video can progress. ..and as usual, lastly but oh so critically.. the sound design is another question. Mixing the live sound of a mic'd dancer with pre-recorded sounds from the video playback or also using music from the pre-recorded to drive the live.etc. etc... so thats whats up.. thanks for checking in..

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
This Work, Video Installation: New Content and New Application for existing media and assembly process . , by Bill Shannon is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license.