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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

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BENCH 3.0 2008

This video shows my transient presence through the streets of manhattan on a skateboard with a suitcase full of cameras between my legs. Take note of my reflections in the vehicles I pass them with the rig.  Bench is a work within the Shannon Public Works Trilogy. The trilogy consist of divergent attempts at bringing my street performance art, rhythmic and utilitarian skateboarding, streetdance, choreography and clown like rapport with randomn pedestrians to live ticketed audiences in an authentic manner. The key to authenticity, which all the works were designed around, was the preservation of the social fabric of the street and the pedestrian and vehicular trafffic patterns therein.

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The installation phase of Bench pictured below started as a live performance work in public space resulting in an in-the-round video installation.

BENCH 3.0 installation commissioned by Douz and Mille Gallery in 2008. The immersive quality of the installation and the scale allows for a greater interpretaiton of facial expression and body language than the single screen composite
above: micro-camera mounting interior capture, video rig detail sony color camera single chip 480 line of res

above: deep cell marine battery the honey comb wood frame to hold all the gear

above: sitting on the video rig: note camera holes for corners and right sidewall. when i ride the rig in the street i have a bungee cord wrapped around the case and underneath the earthboard