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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

The Medical Model

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Due to my recent spiraling out of control pain I have been looking into alternatives to what I have been doing for the past fifteen years to manage my bilateral hip deformity.  Today I came across this video from the UK. This guys description of his workday and the impact of his work on his hip into the night is the exact same thing that I go through. I dance and perform and then deal with the pain through medication ice and rest. Often in the club I watch as other dancers keep moving all night while I in contrast make choice entries into the cipher only when the music lifts me up beyond the pain. The use of medication allows me to participate for a measure of time and then I am incapacitated and in pain.  As I have aged the level of pain and degree of limitation on range of movement in the joint has gotten much worse and the amount of activity I can do before having unbearable pain has decreased. This operation might be my answer. I have been holding off because I am too young as this video also explains. Even after this operation I would still be limited as I would only operate on my worst (right) hip and leave the left one as is inspite of its problems. The left does flare up but it is way more manageable than the right. On the days when they both flare up I end up dragging myself around. I still have concerns but my desire to keep up with my kids and to continue working in sculpture and installation is pushing me into the arms of doctors. If they mess it up and the hip is permanently destroyed then I will have ended my dancing permanently as it has existed and will be forced to move in to a new phase of movement exploratiion.


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