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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

a peek in the blackbook

blackbook cellphone grabs

ABOVE: My first draft illustration of a useful seated position for a pedestrian crutch user. This depiction of the elbow lo-mid holding position leaves the individual hands free while the nested crutches function as a casual arm rest. This position is especially useful at crowded events such as parties and concerts. It has been my experience that not only will drunk or high people find a way to trip on a crutch tucked into a corner but they are also likely to pick up the crutches and "have a go" at them without asking first. This seated while holding position makes both of those regretable scenarios far less likely. .. more drawings after the jump...


ABOVE: The board has a Sun and Moon balancing each other.. The image is a reflection of a story I made up.  The gist of the story involves the Sun and Moon arguing over who goes first. The Sun and the Moon have an agreement which involves the idea of solstice and it ends in some kid inventing lunch because he is hungry and noone had a name for the new meal that was not breakfast or dinner.

ABOVE: Details of the griptape job i did for my son ARTO and letter details.. still need to sharpen and put outlines.

ABOVE: This is a sketch of one of the configurations for The Invisible Series.. I must have done a hundred of these screen positions before reaching the right one. Sketching is the best way. Some things cannot beat a pen and paper.

ABOVE: I also use my blackbook to work on my lettering skills. I am no graff artist in the can of paint climbing the walls sense of the word but the influence of that visual area of urban cultural art hit me hard by the mid-eighties and has stuck with me ever since. I love Letters as another iteration of the eternal search for balance of form. I think the ultimate graffiti is architecture.