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MAKER DANCER: Make Video Rig. Perform. Exhibit.

This post is intended to be a roundup of recent activities and not the final word on any of the works here.

BILL SHANNON Cirque Visa RJD2 Dance Performance Art Fleetmoves

ABOVE: "Liquid Light" Site Specific Video and Performance at Long Pond, Wellfleet MA presented as a part of Fleetmoves Dance Festival 2013. photo by Whitney Brown. This work focused on the kinetic nature of the video rig and its placement in a large body of water to allow for a live birdseye view of my continuous circuitous performance in the water for the camera above. I wanted to show and perform the fluidity of my many years of swimming to the audience on the shore. The only sport of my childhood years that was medically approved. "Dancer in Chair" and new street persona after the jump.


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ABOVE: "Dancer in Chair" This site specific video was performed for camera at Dance New Amsterdam Gallery then edited and presented as a looping video sculpture in the same exact location. The layering of the real environment with the prerecorded performance, and the abstraction of the dancers body as a sculptural presence were central to this work. The dancer prefered to remain anonymous, which also fed the abstraction as the body remained faceless.

Meantime. I have since my last posting some months ago been submerged in these two intensive and technically complex video installations that were both site specific in nature. These new works for 2013 were exhibiited and performed respectively at Dance New Amsterdam and Fleetmoves Dance Festival.  I have also since my last post developed a new street performance persona for my Regarding The Fall Series of street performances performed in Madrid that embraces a less ambiguous representation what I am doing through costume appearance and direct formalization of the relationship to the public by busking for money.

BILL SHANNON Cirque Visa RJD2 Dance Performance Art New Amsterdam installation

ABOVE: my new street performance persona I showed in Madrid. Through this new costume I am leaving little ambiguity as to my role and actions yet still experiencing important new relationships with my multiple simultaneous public audiences. Specifically the "Audience in Passing" vs. the "Static Audience" vs. the "Invited Audience" vs. the "Post Performance Socio-Analytic Video Lecture Audience"

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This moving image, "Liquid Light" and "Nude Dancer In Chair", by Bill Shannon is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license.