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Topic “photography”

random 2010

I have been taking lots of pictures long before the digital era when I was given a Kodak instamatic rectangular black box. Now with the ability to share it has changed the game for me. In earlier years a contact sheet was printed negatives stored away and that was it. If an image was particularly well done I would give it to my friend who worked at a lab and he would print them 8 by 10 color on the side for free. Each image now is a passing thought whereas before it was a work that earned its right to be printed. I love photography. I am not a photgrapher.

Photos 2010

BELOW are a few recent photos. I try and focus on some thought or statement with these. Bank Owned is particularly relevant to this era where taxpayers are giving money to a government that is paying banks that fail billions to stay afloat while regular folk suffer with unemployment and degradaton of their quality of life. The McMansion on the right side of the frame is an icon of the banking debacle and wild nature in the distance puts it all in scale.

Salt Lake City Utah

photo by Bill Shannon 2010






Pittsburgh, PA


Images from my recent trip through Sweden.

bill shannon

ABOVE: Driving down the east coast of Sweden I came to this lovely bridge with a smooth underbelly.. being from the city of Steel and Bridges I had to jump off the E4 and capture the structural beauty of this amazing bridge




bill shannon

ABOVE: My host in Stockholm Dansens Hus. photo by Arto just in case you missed how low the camera was to the ground.

bill shannon


i started taking photgraphs of my friends when my parents gave me a little Kodak camera that was a black rectangle with one button and a flash. Since my father took photos of our family and was serious about it I was always interested in how it worked. The predominate use of my camera is for documentation of the events that I am a part of or have directed. I also try and get a photo of people I work with.

Portraits / Photography

This is my brother Ben Shannon in the Georgia foothills.  His current band is called Welcome Abraham

i took this photo of Bush a presenter from the UK who brought me in to perform my solo show Spatial Theory

Zolton  Pittsburgh Skater

My Grandmother Winter 06  (RIP)

Fever 1 from original cast of The Art Of Weightlessness photo taken at FAZILS STUDIO manhattan

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