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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

ALTERNATE "Work It Out" Single Take

I knew this alternate take was out there somewhere. This is the version that was aired on MTV2. This version is also a single take and has a few more "tricks" in it but I feel my performance is stylistically way weaker and too rushed. I think this was like take 6 or 7. The one that has the pole freeze and a million+ hits that has recieved all the critical acclaim is take 16. Also checkout this FACEBOOK FAN CLUB out of the UK. I had no idea it was there till yesterday.

See video

ABOVE: the alternate take that was released of my performance to RJD2's Work It Out

BELOW: the widely distributed million+ hits version of the same music video

See video


Anonymous wrote 9 years 31 weeks ago

Incredible. While I like the

Incredible. While I like the music one better since it matches the music more, some of the moves in this one are just jaw dropping. Like the board levitation move.. crazy!

Anonymous wrote 9 years 46 weeks ago


Even without the skateboard you seemed to be gliding. The distance you cover in a single swing, awe-inspiring. I'd love to see you in person.