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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

Bill Shannon DVD


Cirque: Choreography on Crutches; Dergin & Vladamir

BELOW: DERGIN solo on crutches. the work i did wiht Dergin was primarily about unlearning some of the bboy defaults that he would fall into while dancing and developing more gestural and subtlety in his use of his hands and arms to express emotion. One of th etechniques from Shannon Technique I worked on with Dergin was the Sliding Tip Technique. Most of the rehearsal videos  I have of my work with him deals with pacing his character and positions to the music and working out setups for acro.

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BELOW: Dergin arrived to work with me on choreography with a broad range of power moves that I had nothing to ad to. It was all him. I especially like his vertical handstand which I could never acheive on the type of crutches I use. There is no inverted center point that can be braced for vertical standing on the rockerbottom crutch. Nor is my torso strong enough.

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BELOW: Vladamir learned from the ground up my technique.  He started with no power moves and developed the glide and hi-mid lo-mid work and other Shannon Technique moevs over the period of a year. Sufffice it to say, dancing and acro on crutches is not easy. Even on a comparative scale to other acro stunts it is dfficult.

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