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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

what is whatiswhat

bill shannon

ABOVE: This is a still of me communing with a canine audience member in Pittsburgh a few years back. Posting this up because I am looking forward to my European street performances coming up this spring 2011.

To the point of this post. I keep asking myself, "what is whatiswhat." Not the ideal of what I want it to be but rather what it is now. Its been months since I have come here to to update with new content and from that angle I would say whatiswhat is a rather dead blog. When I consider this which I do often I am of two minds. First, I am tempted to start a new web based project where I post a new dance/performance video everyday of 30 - 90 second length uncut. This would enliven the blog while challenging me creatively to produce work specifically for internet content while also not being to demanding of time. Something has to change to bring this blog alive or Secondly I am going to just kill this effort and go to a basic flash box. If there is anyone out there with knowledge of Drupal modules who is a fan who might help me out with configuring a video update capability that i could perform from my iphone directly I would sincerely appreciate a little help. Even simply direction. If your a fan or supporter of my work and would like to see a new daily video section here on whatiswhat drop me an email. If there is enough interest then I will make moves and push the idea further. Thank you for hanging on during my long spells of absence.

bill shannon photography Zoltan ABOVE: Zoltan Fountain Sesh 2011. When the weather warmed for a minute I got out with a camera and a board hit a few slappies and caught this image.

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