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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

Skateboard Graphic Strategy To Validate Medical Usage

Bill Shannon RJD2 WORK IT OUT VISA FLOW Crutchmaster whatiswhat.com

ABOVE: Painted Skateboard Griptape Graphics To Communicate medical usage of Crutches with a Skateboard To Complete Strangers. The graphics emulate existing color and symbols in public space for safety boundaries and disabled people. I also added the Red Cross with MED written inside it to further reinforce the message. Normally graphics are painted on the bottom of the board and the tops are black griptape. Communicating through symbols from the top of the board is a very useful way to answer questions without them being asked.

If you have read into my work relating to sociological interactions around disability and identity then you may recall my invention of the sociological strategy of BlowFish which applies to my interactions in public spaces with figures of authority. People trying to figure me out in a split second to get their job done need some level of help. The symbols on the board further reinforce the Blowfish Strategy without me having to explain the whole history of how I came to be skating on crutches through an airport.  ( I wont go there now but you can)


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This Work, Skateboard Graphic Strategy To Validate Medical Usage, by Bill Shannon is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license.