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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

ReUse, ReCycle, UpCycle, Create, Grow

Bill Shannon Art and Life

Above: Food Cultivation and Deer Fence. Being involved in planting food for my family and working on securing the plants from deer, groundhogs and rats has been fun and exhausting simultaneously. I dread battling with fungus or insects and pests but so far I have not had any of those types of problems. I thought I would share these images though not exactly my work in an "ART" sort of way because it is where my creative path has brought me these past months. Thus my posting online has been to social media rather than to my site because these activities are more family and home related. Still, this creative "life work" is in keeping with my overall artistic philosophy of living as an artist which is to learn new information and study the chosen activity while also trying to be creative and resourceful in my use of materials and processes in a contemporary manner. For example, I will experiment with "invisible deer fencing" as it appears to be the latest thing to thwart the creatures though I have very little experience with deer at all. All this to say, I love to solve creative problems and theres nothing that gives one problems like farming and land maintenance seems to.  Of course creating useful things out of discarded materials has always been a part of my work and that continues with the food cultivation in the form of making a gate out of discarded metal bed frames.

Bill Shannon Maker Artist Reuse Recycle Upcycle

Above: Discarded Rusty bedframe pieces. I chopped the frames after removing all of the riveted on attachements and have now pieced together the frame of a swinging garden gates out of the remaing clean angle iron.

Bill Shannon Maker Artist Reuse Recycle Upcycle

ABOVE: Angle Iron Gate layout / discarded tire rim center ring. This process of decay and rebirth, refuse and recycle runs parallel to the cycle of life and death. I want to live over and over again in different forms always changing while retaining a connection to the root of the impulse to know, to create and to grow that is at the heart of who I am. Stay creative. Stay alive. Learn and absorb new information. Putting this all into context, I also just survived an horrific car accident that injured my back. The fault was not my own as I was hit head on when a car flipped and crossed the center-line of the road totaling my car. Since the accident I feel more grateful for all that I have and realize that I only have one life to live and when this life is over thats it, back into the stardust ether of reality soup. The downside of this accident has been the impossibility of dancing full tilt or skating. These abiliites I expect to return once my back has calmed down. So yeah thats whats up these past days for the most part.

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