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update : event moved venues : i missed it. MASTERCLASH + { WIN } = STOKKE®

i am entering this MasterClash contest here in Pittsburgh because I really cannot justify spending 300 dollars on a chair for my daughter at this point in time.  I am looking into the Transition Movement as a guide to my future and my childrens' future here on what is left of our planet Earth. A significant mental aspect of the Transition Movement is to simplify life and reject lavish expenditures and conspicuous consumption. In my book 300$ on a chair for a two year old is lavish even if the chair is supposed to last till adulthood.

The other side of the coin is my son already has one of the chairs I am talking about. Its the Stokke Trip Trapp chair that is ergonomic and can grow with the kid all the way into teens. It is a very well designed chair. My son has a red one from a more financially stable three years ago and he loves it.  He is able to sit comfortable, climb in and out even standing up on it is safer because he cant bang on the backrest and tip it. Currently when she wants to sit in it I have them share the chair... But they both know its his.

Meanwhile her chair is a white plastic Ikea job that cost about 10 dollars that she cannot freely climb in and out of it. SO long story short.. if I win this competition in the solo category I will be buying my daughter a chair. I first thought i could justify a PS3 purchase so that I could watch Blue Ray at home and never pay 12 bucks again for a film but the reality is my daughters chair is more important to me than an HD platform. So wish me luck. I could go on and on about battles and their relevance and role in the field of street-dance. Really that is another post. Maybe when i go to HDI in July this year I will write more about competition and dance. This post is really about how I am now using my dance and competing in a little hometown event to have extra cash that I wont feel conservative about spending. Easy come easy go online and order my baby a chair! lol. if your in yinzer-landia come down and show some love.


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