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WhatIsWhat 1.0 2003

line art and thought process

My blackbooks are where my ideas are born and take shape.. both as a conceptual process and as a design process. i have been uploading drawings and graphical work based on those drawings to my 2D section which got me thinking as to artmaking as a product versus a process. i am not producing drawings as an end product but rather use drawings and scribblings as a process of discovery. My end product as an artist is the successful closure of a line of inquiry into how i might best express an idea or a philosophy.

Drawings also serve as a form of making a visual and text based quip related to a passing thought or noteworthy phenomena. Sometimes drawing and graphics serve as the best medium, as in creating iconography to best represent concepts or feelings that are hard to express in word succinctly or fully. The other area where graphics and drawing work for me is in the sharing of political perspectives.


BELOW: Tangled Man Series  2004



BELOW: My Private Shock and Awe 2002


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